Final Thoughts of 2020

Gathering thoughts on the Bears, Illini sports, COVID-19 things, and personal victories of 2020.

Gut Feeling

Hours after the Bears announced the trade up to draft their guy in Mitchell Trubisky, I did something I’ve only done one time before – bought the jersey of a Bears rookie. The first time I did it? Cedric Benson. Probably should’ve known better. I wore Mitch’s jersey with a reasonable amount of pride, even…


Bryce Callahan’s young NFL career wasn’t easy, but he’ll never let up.

BFO Podcast e.07

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. Chris & Andy dig deep to find confidence after a crushing #Bears season opener.

In It Together

Before he surfed into the 2000s as Bears President & CEO, Ted Phillips took on the Daley empire, a city’s history, and endured.

BFO Podcast e.06

Don’t worry! Chris and Andy are back to discuss Tanner Gentry’s secure spot on the practice squad, and maybe a blurb on Khalil Mack if they have time.

The Four Fans

Being Bears fans makes us all a little stupid, irrational, aggressive, and frustrated, but we do our best.

The Thing Is

Ah, it’s that time again. With the 2018 season a few weeks away, and preseason games already upon us, what would the apex of Summer be without some Chicago Bears drama?  What’s “The Thing” this year?  And I’m not talking about the hand running around the Addams Family’s living room. In previous seasons we’ve had…