A Christmas Brief

It appears that the order of the day here in Illinois is to brace for a 30-odd degree drop in temperature, with some snow and ice coming in along with tremendous winds. Christmas is a couple days away, and it appears it will be properly (and dangerously) cold. I’ll take it, so long as people get to and fro safely.

I don’t have a ton to say with this entry, beyond the customary stuff that Christmas brings: Well wishes to everybody reading this, hoping your holidays were/are certified bangers. As for my little family, we’re staying warm and enjoying our first Christmas with Lola, our plucky Pomeranian rescue pup.

With several of my oldest and dearest friends becoming parents, Amy and I are delighted to be informal aunts and uncles to all the new entries to the world, while also preparing for the formal role with my sister’s baby sometime in 2023.

As always, and perhaps with growing annual intensity, we’re also thinking heavily of family and friends who have passed away. Bittersweet though it is, I like to think they’re all aware of how much in our thoughts they are this time of year, and how we acknowledge how different the holidays are without them.

Stay safe, take care of one another, and celebrate well.


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