Bad Times

Has there ever been a less anticipated 4th of July? The last 7-8 years, sans a few days in November 2020, have been such a bleak, soulless, and numb time to be an American. It seems like all that ever happens anymore is an inevitable countdown to some horrid grand finale.

Anticipated timeline:

  • ✓ SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade for no reason other than to own the libs, courtesy of Clarence Thomas’ oath to do just that decades ago, and thankfully he’s got a lifetime appointment
  • ☐ Republicans win in overwhelming fashion in November, because that’s Just What Happens
  • ☐ Republicans create shenanigan loophole to get Trump back as President

And those are just the big ones. Hope is, for the most part, politically non-existent.

Democrats don’t do anything. Democrats don’t vote.

Most everybody in power has mastered the art of fundraising, swelling their coffers while gesticulating wildly for various internet-curated mobs.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, because mostly I’m very sad, still recovering from an illness, and am tired of despairing over the injustices done to the undeserving while the criminals in power get away with virtually everything without so much as a slap on the wrist.

In the meantime, here are some useful resources for women who would like to get an abortion:

Think hard, America. Can’t we all at least agree that being an asshole is the least cool thing? Why are we trying so hard to elect, re-elect, and appoint assholes? Why are we cool with letting these assholes enact asshole policy?

Let’s not worry about what Jesus or the Bible or the Constitution thinks. Let’s worry about the present, the future, and the living. Let’s not bicker about the semantics of when life starts. Let’s not feel like we as a society must dictate power over others.

Oh, why am I wasting my breath? I’ve got 35-50 years left, and by then I’ll probably be mighty grateful to leave this world behind and be reborn as a tree or something.


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